Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Light Painting Portraits

The "Truly Stand-Out, Separate Us From Everyone Else" Portrait

Combining the expertise of hand-painted lighting artistry with your portrait, we create one-of-a-kind images that proudly display everything great about your family, your home, your car, your plane or any other scene that defines you. These unique portraits accent the details and textures in a scene that people might miss otherwise using this exclusive technique.

Just note that a lot of time goes into creating each image as it is actually the combination of dozes of individual photos combined into a single portrait. We welcome you to watch how it's made and even participate. We then go back to the studio to combine all those photos you saw created into a dynamic, extraordinary image.

Light painting is also fantastic for commercial use, such as interior spaces, buildings, food photography and more. If you see this as a better fit for your business, please visit the Corporate Site for more information.

Technique and Process

Light painting is an incredible, one-of-a-kind process where Anthony uses various professional flashlights to "paint" an object in real life while creating multiple exposures in the camera. He then combines parts of each image to his tastes later on his computer. This in-person process can take up to 1-4 hrs to complete on site, and Anthony urges you and/or your family to be part of this creative performance. It's such a special technique that even duplicating it in person is nearly impossible.

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Light Painting Photography - Restaurant Interior
Light Painting Food Photography - Ice Cream and Waffles