The Custom Portraiture Session Experience

Modern Photography Meets Fine Artwork Meets Interior Design

About Your Custom Sessions

Portraits are personal. Anthony's goal is to make your session simple and ensure that the process is simple, comfortable, and meaningful. You are guided from the initial consultation regarding your family's personality and preferences, such as ideal location, and on to best wardrobe options and colors, hair and make-up. Anthony will schedule a walkthrough to plan the final locations of the portraits in your home for the installation. On your session date, you'll be able to smile knowing everything was prepared for and you'll be guided through posing.

Selection Process

Anthony will select the images based on which poses reflect your very best. Then, an in-person ordering appointment will be scheduled with all the decision makers to select from those images and begin designing your wall using software that displays your home and actual portrait sizes. From there, we will walk-through the ideal art styles again (classical, contemporary) and the perfect medium for your artwork (such as canvas or metal). Frames are carefully selected as well to match your decor. Visit the artwork section for more information.


Through years of digital and oil painting experience, your portraits are brought up to the peak of fine portraiture. Each person, each detail is painted over to reflect the true likeness. In cases of fantasy portraits, the goal is to truly bring all imagination to life and seem like an actual captured moment in time. Visit the portraits section for more information.


All artwork is personally inspected and signed by Anthony and then prepared for delivery and installation in your home. During the selection process, the final wall layout was designed, and the installation is prepared to match those locations. Once completed, you can step back and enjoy your final portraits in your home.

Most Important: The ONLY Way Your Session is Reserved

Please note that this is a custom photography and portrait business, and not a volume photography business. This means there is no rush during your sessions and each one is catered to you and your family. It is entirely about your portraits, so we spend a lot of time to prepare and create your masterpieces. To set this time aside, you are only officially penned into the calendar once you provide a reservation fee over the phone or online via invoice, currently $1500. Of that, $1000 is credited towards the final art pieces you select. Total prices are determined by the number of people to paint, as well as the artwork size and framing selection.

Reserve Your Session

Installed Wall Portrait of Family at the Park

Your family portrait becomes the centerpiece of your room, installed professionally.

Closeup of Painted Brush Strokes of Woman's Feet on Beach

Closeup of the painted brush strokes to perfect the image for you and bring that classic look.

Closeups of Maternity Painting on Black Background

All details painted and a little fantasy added in to create the perfect maternity portrait.