Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Fantasy Portraits

Your Imagination. Anthony's Artistry. Displayed on Your Walls.

Wouldn't it be really cool if...? Now, you don't need to wonder. Is your family ready to be real superheroes? Does your child want a pet dragon? Would you want to be pitching in front of a major crowd? It can be created.

Technique and Process

If you're ready to chat about your ideas, head over to the session to read about the process. We spend a lot of time on these art pieces, and a lot of planning and prep need to be done as well as planning the final wall location of your portraits. We will discuss all props, costumes, locations as needed, and then the magic begins on our session date.

All portraits are then finalized, prepared, and sent for master printing on museum-quality materials (see Artwork). Then, your artwork is signed and brought to you as we install it in your home. If you're ready for a truly custom portrait that only you will have, this is it.

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Fantasy Portrait - Details of How Boy with Horse Created
Fantasy Portrait - Maternity Image in Lit Room
Fantasy Portrait - Child as Old Lady in Park with Pigeons