Learn the Basics of Photography

Offering 1-on-1 Lessons, Group Classes, and Online Classes

Classes are on hold until early 2024 as we find a new location. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list, please use the chat widget or contact me via Reserve Your Session.

We will walk through some of the science behind photography, and a touch of math, but plenty of hands-on practice and feedback on how to improve for each step of the way. Whether you just want to get better for general photos, or plan to do this professionally, Anthony guides you through areas to focus on, and how to create your own photography projects and goals to work on after you finish.

Having spent the last couple of years teaching Photography 101 in local community centers, Anthony is expanding his teaching offerings:

  • In-person 1-on-1
  • Virtual 1-on-1 lessons
  • Private group lessons
  • Online classes for purchase (TBA later)

If you are interested in 1-on-1 lessons, or if you have a group of friends/colleagues who would like a private group lesson, please contact Anthony to reserve a session.

To read about Anthony's background, please visit the About section or view some of his work in the Portrait section. Anthony loves everything about photography, speaking to anyone asking for tips, and loves helping those starting a hobby or career in the field... even if his wife would love for him to occasionally take a break from chatting so much.

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VWs in the Fall

You will learn how to think ahead for events, such as this VW cruise, to create better photos to display on your walls or even sell.

Anthony is a Certified Professional Photographer of the PPA