Learn Photography Basics to Improve Your Photos

Maybe You Can't Always Hire Me. But You Can Learn from Me.

I thought "Classes" as a title or link was too boring, but that’s what I really want, for you take better photos than you do now. Ask my wife if I love to talk photography and cameras all of the time, and she’ll roll her eyes and probably say “Oh dear god, yeah, he does!” It’s because I love it, I think everyone should learn how, and I’m not afraid of everyone having a camera in their hand. Most already do.

What I want is for you to get better at it. I want you to learn the basics, how to get off of Auto mode. By the way, P does not stand for Professional (old photographer joke). You don’t need to spend the countless hours I do unless you want to do this for a living, but I urge you to learn the basics. Trust me, when you do, you’ll take better photos, and it will inspire you to want to take more.

I can’t photograph your family every day. Even if you could afford that (wait, can you? Call me!), I think I want you to enjoy it yourself and get those little moments, a little bit better.

I will help train you. I will help you understand your camera better. I will help you see the image before you press the button instead of spraying and praying. Just have the desire to learn some basics, some terminology, and understand that things take time. You don’t just pick up a piano and play it. You don’t just paint a winning portrait.

Call me at 984 212 7278 for my current rates. I do 1-on-1 and even offer group rates. Follow me on social media or join my newsletter for special class events if you’re interested. If you become so good that I can learn from you, so be it! I would love that.