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Gorgeous Acrylic Options

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Bold, Modern Metal Displays

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Museum-Quality Canvas Displays

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Top Quality Fine Art Papers

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Professional Framing and Mounting

My Fine Art Heirloom Portrait Options

Personally Selected to Stand the Test of Time for Your Family

You're investing in memories and longevity. I continually check the quality of the products from my vendors, offering only the best that last more than a lifetime. We simply find which style works best for you. Are you a fine art album family, or a wall portrait family? Do you love modern frameless options or classic framed options? We discuss all this as we prepare out sessions. See just some of my favorite artwork options below with starting prices.

Wall Art Samples

Options include fine art papers, metal, canvas, acrylic and standouts. We'll discuss your ideal style for your family portraits.

Wall Art: Full Walls, Mantlepieces, Hallways and Accents

Main artwork long side: 24"-60" : $780+ a la carte
Accent pieces: 11x14" : $360 a la carte
Reward savings for 2+ portraits
Guaranteed lifetime of 100+ years with proper care

Whether you're more into the classic and traditional artwork, such as my canvas and fine art papers with frames, or the more modern style with canvas wraps, metal or acrylic options, we'll work together to have your ideal portraits welcoming you home. Artwork is here to stay as long as we have walls, so let's walk through your home and see what spaces work best to display your portraits.

Contact me to reserve an appointment.

Matted Portrait Samples

Not into albums or wall art, but want your own portrait collection? These matted fine art heirlooms are ready for tabletops or within our special portrait boxes for safekeeping.

Matted Portraits

Size: 8x10/12" : Begin at $190/ea
Packages available with Portfolio Boxes
Guaranteed lifetime of 100+ years with proper care

I work with papers that have various textures, feel, warmth, but most importantly, from companies who have proven the papers last for potentially centuries. I will advise you on the best type of paper to use, ones that are matte style, glossy, warm, best for black and white, and so on.

All of these gorgeous portraits are matted and mounted with museum-quality, archival materials to prevent curling over time. If you invest in packages, you can be confident in keeping them in the portfolio box, or feel free to frame them if certain ones really should be on a table top. This is a fantastic, flexible alternative to albums if you prefer to display and alternate which you prefer to view.

Contact me to reserve an appointment.

Fine Art Album Samples

These fine art paper albums surpass standard albums with longevity, texture, and quality. If you're a family who believes in storytelling, this is what you would share and show.

Fine Art Albums

Includes 25 Images : $3060 a la carte
Various cover options, like canvas, silk, images, and more
Pocket-sized album add-ons available
Guaranteed lifetime of 200+ years with proper care

Maybe your walls are full. Or, maybe you just love the idea of a complete story more than individual images around your home. Well, storytelling is what I do. We work together, selecting your favorite images during our ordering appointment, to create the story of the day. Everything is finalized before printing so you can be assured you'll love your album when it's in your hands.

I personally choose the best line of albums that I can choose for my clients, and so all albums are 10x10” handcrafted and comprised of industry-leading fine art paper not available with any consumer printer, and very few professional ones. This creates an incredible heirloom tested to last longer than 200+ years, something your future generations will adore.

Contact me to reserve an appointment.

Digital Album Samples

As a reward for investing in artwork, you'll have access to social media images with every image ordered, as well as an opportunity to receive a free app to share with family.

Digital Rewards (available only with artwork orders)

Watermarked social media images for purchased artwork
Free mobile app with all watermarked images for orders $1950+

As an artist, I know that the presentation of tangible artwork will outlast all tech changes, as it has for hundreds of years. However, I know family is all over and you want to share the experience as quickly as possible.

Every Session: With any portrait image you order, you receive a watermarked web image of that portrait to share online.

My Typical, Eager Clients: Nearly all my clients get this awesome deal, for free. If you invest more than $1950 in artwork, you get a free mobile/tablet app that you can share with your family and view ALL of your final session images. It’s also a great way to order additional artwork at a later time.

High Resolution Backups: I maintain the a copy of all ordered images through various backup systems onsite and offsite to ensure the option of replacement of any artwork issues. For quality control and guaranteed lifetime results, all printing is done through my carefully screened vendors.

Contact me to reserve an appointment.