Your Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Typical Photography Inquiries I Receive, Answered Below

Much of my site has the answers you need scattered throughout, including session information, investment and artwork I offer. However, I have a few shortcut answers below to help you just in case.

  • How far in advance should I reserve a session?

    The sooner, the better. There is no time but the present to capture those fleeting family moments.

    I reserve dates and times on a first-come, first-serve basis. Family portraits typically reserve quickly for August through November due to the holidays, so don't wait, or else you could miss out! Contact me today!

  • How long is a family/engagement/newborn session?

    For family portraits, it varies on the children involved, but expect a session to typically last 1-1.5 hours. With newborns, we may require some more time and more breaks for feedings and diaper changes. A couple of hours is also typical for an engagement session as well, since we may be traveling to multiple locations to find the rights spaces for you. Just know that no matter what, I do not schedule sessions back to back. This is your time, and I stay until I know I have all the great photos I can get.

  • Do you only photograph in North Carolina?

    I have recently moved from New Jersey and will be making trips up for clients, so I will travel if possible. I currently reside in Wake Forest, NC and serve the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas typically.

  • Do you have packages? Where can I find your session prices?

    I work with my clients to create artwork that best satisfy their needs, so everything is really a la carte to make it simpler. Everyone's investment is different, ranging from an incredibly vibrant, sofa-sized canvas to a collage of smaller portraits to custom-designed albums. In all cases, I'll make sure we get the best photos that will have you absolutely thrilled. I even guarantee it.

    There is a creative fee to reserve a session, and no sessions are considered without one. It's only fair to paying clients. It covers my expertise and my time to make things perfect for you. You can learn about my session process as well.

    While all budgets vary, payment plans are available for any orders. All artwork is delivered following the final payment.

  • Where do you typically photograph families?

    That's really up to you. I want you to tell a story when you display your portrait or show an album to guests. It should not be a story that starts with "Oh we have no idea where that was, our photographer chose it." Instead, it should be things like "That's the skyline of New York, and since we lived nearby, we wanted our childrent to remember, even after we moved", or something meaningful to your family. I can always suggest options as well, but let's find something important to you.

  • Can I just stop in or set up a session for today?

    All sessions are by appointment only and on-location at a place decided during our planning stages. There is a process we go through to make sure that create your ideal family portrait, and this separates us from all the fly-by-night studios who want to just rush you through like cattle. See how our process works.

  • When do I see and order my portraits?

    Following the portrait session, your viewing session is scheduled within 1-3 weeks, depending on availability and season. At this time, your photos are presented in your home using a projection system in order to view the images at an adequate size. What is great about this is that we can find the exact sizes and images that will work for any of the walls in your home.

    Please allow at least 1 hour for this ordering appointment since you are not to be rushed. It is also highly recommended that this session be adults-only as your investment is an important one, and you should be focused. As your entire session is customized to your needs, all orders are placed only at this viewing session. Keep in mind, your portraits and albums have a 100% guarantee to last a lifetime!

  • How can I share my images on Facebook and other online sites with family?

    Be sure to check out my digital options. With every portrait your order, you receive a web-sized watermarked image to share with your family in your own personal photo app. There is also an option for a full mobile app once you order enough of my artwork options. Be sure to read more in my artwork section.

    As some families prefer to keep their family portraits private, if you do not wish for me to post these images on my site, I fully understand and will comply.

  • Can I print the photos myself?

    To maintain my 100% guarantee for my portraits' quality for years to come, I only work with top printers directly. My clients come to me for the artwork, and just snapping a photo and going to CVS is something anyone can do.

    However, with each wall portrait or album you invest in, smaller web-sized images are prepared for you to share with your family via email or through social media (Facebook). In fact, you can learn more about digital options here. Once you see the canvas, metal, and other options though, you'll realize why I find physical portraits so important to display in your home.