The Session Process

To help you understand my process for a portrait session, I have provided a few simple pages below to help explain the process. For many people, this is their first exposure to professional, custom portraiture.

Custom Family Portrait Example: Jennifer and DJ

Start with a Phone Chat to See If We Fit

By creating a portrait perfect for your own custom needs, you will receive only the best there is to offer from start to finish. There are many steps taken to ensure your portrait session goes beyond what you expect.

Before we can decide on the best approach, I would love to ask you a few questions to get a better idea about your family: who is involved, how long it's been since you've had a portrait created, your experience and more. Please call me at 973.307.0278 to discuss once you read through this, or email me to schedule a time that works best for you.

Reserving Your Session with a Creative Fee

This fee covers the time involved in planning and creating your portraits, potentially scouting locations, as well as the presentation of your originals at a later date in your home. The final portraits selected are not included in this fee. The Creation Fee is prepaid to reserve your photography session time. I do not pencil in temporary times for sessions since I have many committed clients already reserving dates. No session dates are reserved without this creation fee in advance.

After we chat, and you would like to proceed, we can do this via credit card over the phone or by check in the mail. As you can understand, my time is important to my clients, and I would love to to help you plan that perfect portrait.

Custom Family Portrait Example

“Anthony took photos of my daughter, my wife and me. The pictures far surpassed our greatest expectations. Anthony is extremely friendly and professional and made the experience genuinely enjoyable. We will absolutely be using his services again as our little one grows up. I would gladly and whole-heartedly recommend him to anybody.”
Devon & Catherine White, NY

A Walkthrough with Your Family

This is especially important for younger children, and something many, many photographers miss! For myself, having your children not view me as a stranger later on is key to a great portrait session. I find that so many of them are shy at the start, but then open up the next time they see me. In fact, I'm typically handed toys as gifts during the photo session (if not by the end of the first meeting!).

This is also a time when we discuss your ideal location in more detail and clothing options for everyone. You may prefer a more casual, outdoor play setting or you may love the classic formal look. Meeting your family makes this a lot easier to determine. Many mistakes are prevented this way, and will make for a much happier session with children!

Samples and Display Locations

I will bring actual fine art samples to your home so you can see the absolute quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, along with my price list. You will see the high-end, museum quality canvas options, complete with a hand-brushed coating to protect it for decades to come, as well as the other fine art paper and beautiful print options. You will also see the incredible album line. If you like a little more information, visit the fine art product section. Remember, your investment is 100% guaranteed!

We will also prepare your home for the selection of new portraits by walking through and finding the ideal locations and estimating adequate sizes. The estimated investment for your family is discussed at this time. My goal is not to provide you with the largest size, it is to provide you with the RIGHT portraits for your home. This is why my clients continue to work with me for years.

Custom Family Portrait

“The photos were beautiful and he really captured the moment. We can't wait to work with him again.”
Natasha & John Roselli, NJ

Confirmation of the Portrait Session

Just before your portrait session, we will confirm the preparation details.

Any final questions and concerns are addressed at this time. We will make sure your clothing selection has been finalized, and with children, typically we have a backup or 2 in case they get dirty.

We understand that family, and especially children, may get sick close to the dates. Rescheduling is possible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Notice of postponement is required 48 hours in advance. I know firsthand that kids can get sick out of the blue, but if you do really know a few days ahead of time that plans have changed, please tell me.

As you can imagine, if you are not able to make your schedule appointment, I must be able to schedule other waiting clients eager for openings. You will be rescheduled to the next available time of course.

Custom Couple Portrait

“I think we found our photographer for life!”
Monica Hightower, NJ

Your Portrait Session: The Big Day!

On the day of your session, please arrive early to the location. We have found that the attention span of a child will lessen quickly over time, and we should be prepared to start almost immediately.

Remember, this is a fun time with your family. It is our job to create the photos and guide you when needed for what we all envision. Laugh, smile, cry and play!

Short breaks may be taken with children as you never know what you're going to get!

Be sure to pack snacks, drinks, towels for cleanup, toys, candy (aka 'bribes') and any dull, solid-tone blankets as discussed. If we are not close to your home, this will be too difficult for you to run back for. We will run through it all together on the phone.

Sometimes even the last minute funny ideas may be some of your favorites, and we stay until we're really out of ideas. Take this photo to the right. This couple was done with their session near their home, but we thought it would be funny to use the cupcakes they had to celebrate their anniversary before they were all eaten! We did this at the very end, indoors, and that's a real sunset you see! It's something unique to them that they'll always remember...

Custom Family Portrait Example

“My absolute favorite image was where the kids were upfront and parents faded in the background. Very artistic image. People are calling and telling me how absolutely beautiful the pictures are.”
Inessa Rome, NJ

Your Portrait Viewing Session: Presentation of the Originals

This is one of the best times for me as an artist, when I get to present the images to you and your family. It truly is a remarkable time when we go through and select your portraits. Though I highly recommend you select some gifts here as well for your parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles and more, I understand that not everyone can budget for so many gifts. If that is the case, I recommend inviting all the adults who would love to have these portraits to attend this special event. The viewing session only occurs once, so please invite anyone who plans to order to this schedule time.

A scheduled viewing session will take place, in your home, to display your incredible images at a size you and your family are fully able to appreciate. I will bring a framed canvas to your home and project the best images onto it as a size making it so much easier to view the beauty of each image. Why settle for others showing you "thumbnails" and making important decisions based on something no bigger than postcard, or worse...? The projection allows you to view the various sizes discussed in the Walkthrough Session, and select the ideal image for each location. I able to show you exact sizes to eliminate any guesswork on your part and prevents you from selecting a size that does not work for your home, and saves you money!

It is ONLY at this time, all orders are placed and your portrait investment made. Remember, all your investments are 100% guaranteed for life.

Feel free to call me at 973.307.0278 to discuss what type of session you’re looking for, prices, and available times. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.