Custom Family Portrait Example

“Anthony is an amazing and talented photographer! He has taken pictures of our family at least four times and we have never been disappointed! He captures our happiness and love in all of his shots! The only problem we've ever had is choosing what pictures we want to keep (since we want to keep them all!!).”
Janelle Amato, NJ

What Can You Plan on Investing on Custom Portraiture?

What is your family worth to you?

How many other things have you invested in for your family that have lasted more than 2 years... 3 years.. or decades as I've promised?

How many even guarantee that longevity and will replace it for free like I do? Few, if any.

However, after asking you just a few simple questions about your ideal portrait, I can give you a better range based on your answers. Some families are looking for that sofa-size museum-quality canvas that is second to none, while others are looking for a beatiful collage of smaller portraits for a wall, or better yet, a storybook album of the day at the park or beach.

While this may seem like a bit of a 'cop out', it is hard to tell you what you can plan on investing until we chat about your family's particular needs. Every family is interested in different high-quality, fine art products ranging from various portrait displays to many different album options. All of those options will last a lifetime.

Once you hear what I have to say and reserve a session, I just know you'll be excited for me to come meet your family in person, at your home. I bring along samples of my products, as well as use the time to make you and your family feel comfortable working with me at a later date.

What is Involved with Creating High-End, Fine Art Portraits?

There are so many "Weekend Warriors" (have another full-time job and only do this on the side) who would have no problem giving up if things were too tough for them. They spend very little time working with you to prepare and limit your options. They simply cannot provide a high-end level of service that I strive for with my clients. Would you trust a weekend contractor with your family's home, or a weekend mechanic with your family's car?

As I mention on my 100% guarantee page, I fully invest my time, my money and my life to this work. That guarantee is there because my promise to you is that no one will give their all like I will in order to provide life-long memories.

I spend my time studying techniques from the best it the world through webinars, DVDs, books, talking with them in person or through great online video technology, blogs and more any time I can find a moment. I invest my profits into researching equipment and testing printers to provide you the best quality I can. While it is the photographer who ultimately creates the art and not the machine, knowing full well what lenses, what cameras, and what equipment in combination can provide the exact image I see in my mind is part of the knowledge I've gathered over the years.

Did you know that the images on your screen differ than what will be printed?
The colors on your screen are made from light, while the colors on a final portrait are based on inks. There is a lot of time spent calibrating my images to work exactly as I want it to appear on a final portrait. If you'd have the experience working with a CVS or similar, you've gotten wrong tones, images that were too dark, or worse! This is also where you get my experience and a long partnership with my printers.

A Personally Inspected Process

I will never provide you a portrait "as-is" and will ensure you get that professional touch.
Some photographers will simply take what their camera has interpreted and print that for you "as-is." This is a major flaw. Did you know that no camera has the same level of detail, color,and ability as the human eye... let alone what an artist envisions in their head? Therefore, every image must go through a process to truly bring the artistic vision to a reality. This is what I do.

Each individual image is created by me, goes through some basic editing for the viewing session, and then upon ordering goes through a rigorous process of enhancement to make sure it is ready to be converted to a portrait. All of our preparation and planning together is just the beginning. There is no mass-production with your portraits and each is treated as work of art.

I inspect each and every portrait and album before it ever makes it to your hands. Still aren't 100% thrilled? I will replace it for you for free.

I have provided some of information below to help you discover the difference and have an incredible portrait experience. I even guarantee it.

Feel free to call me at 973.307.0278 to discuss what type of session you’re looking for, prices, and available times. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.