Custom Child Portrait Example

“The prints really were amazing. I've never seen prints like that before, honestly. Now the next big decision is picking out great frames for them.”
Kim & Joe Imperato, NY

What is Custom Portraiture?

Many people are used to being shuffled into some studio with a backdrop loosely hanging from overuse and enjoying cookie-cutter photos no different than everyone else in line. The sad fact is who you are is not important to them, nor is your personality, what you love, or anything else that makes your family special.

We choose locations meaningful to your family.

Custom family portraiture means that your family and I will spend time discussing everyone who will be in the portrait, what each person should wear, what you love to do to impact your ideal location choice, and anything else important for you for this portrait. You may enjoy the skyline, or a park, or being on the beach, or even just playtime on the playground. Each family decides what's important and we go from there.

We pre-design walls for portraits when we first meet.

Knowing what our goals are helps for a better session. If you're looking for that single great canvas portrait over the sofa, or you're looking for a framed collage that tells the story of the day, we'll be ready. I'll even look and pre-design your walls in your home to decide where your portraits will hang. We will discuss all of this in the in-person consultation if we decide we're a fit for each other. Why not learn more about the entire session process?

This time together is why I can guarantee my work.

Sounds like a lot? It should be, and it's why I can guarantee you'll love your portraits. Just ask my clients why they work with me for years.

"What can I plan on investing for my family?" is a very typical question from potential clients. To find out some more details, I've outlined what is involved for you and your family, and why custom portraiture is a wondeful, life-long investment.

I've touched on a few things above, but here are the same direct links so you can learn more and then call me to discuss how we can work together for that great family portrait.

Feel free to call me at 973.307.0278 to discuss what type of session you’re looking for, prices, and available times. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.