The Custom Portraiture Session Experience

Where Modern Photography Meets Fine Artwork Meets Home Wall Design

Their parents came back to the place where they lived before they had their kids, and to spend time in the park nearby.

What is So Custom About This Experience?

You’re currently on my family site. I do also offer services to commercial/corporate clients as well as intimate portraits and boudoir.

My style is to provide an environment for your portraits that is about you. I don’t like the cookie-cutter approach, nor do I want to shuffle you through like big-chain store cattle. I don't force you into a location or exact clothing, but I do provide advice on choosing a location meaningful to you, and I will guide you on looking your best for your photos.

  • Do you want to remember the city skyline before you move?
  • Do you have a park where you take your family/kids?
  • Did you propose in a cool location that you’d love to relive the moment in?

My goal is to chat with you about meaningful locations to you. I want you to put artwork on your wall or in your albums that tells a story, one that you WANT to tell people. What I don’t want is for you to tell people that the photographer picked a location, you’ve never been there before and you’ve never been there since. BORING STORY. I want you to call me at 973 307 0278. I don’t care if we need to travel a bit to the place. I want you to tell someone visiting your home: “Oh wow, I have to tell you. We always go to this place and we were able to …” and so on. Isn’t that what you want from someone you’re hiring?

I photograph your walls in our consultation, and this is what I do LIVE in person with you at the ordering session. That's right, we actually collage your walls on the fly to show you exactly what your walls will look like with appropriate sizes.

The Session Experience: Break It Down

When we chat on the phone and agree to work together, you’ll understand this process and why, again, I don’t treat you like a number and a “next customer!” when I work. You are investing in something important. Here’s a summary of how we work together:

1. Our Consultation:

We meet in person to discuss session planning. Typically I come to your home in order to meet everyone who is getting photographed. This is especially important for children to get them over the whole stranger aspect. We go over clothing options for everyone (feel free to show me), discussion your session location, and see and touch the samples I bring so you can understand its quality. I also do a walkthrough of your home, photographing potential locations where you are considering hanging the final artwork (see Ordering Appointment).

2. Our Session:

The big day! With all the talking and planning ahead of time, this should be easy! Well, I have a daughter and know it’s not always easy, but it should be easier. I want you to focus on enjoying your family time first. I will guide you through the session, locations, and posing. That’s why you hired me, but don’t think about anything else but living in this moment. Let me do the rest.

3. Ordering Appointment:

This is typically also done in your home. This is a fun time. Everyone who plans to order any artwork should be there. I will have a projector and screen to show off the images so you’re able to view them at a real size, without the need for squinting. What’s great is I can show you images at EXACT sizes so you’re not guessing! I also have the photographs of your walls here and can drag and drop your images in to show you how your final wall will look. Seriously, I basically provide you with a blueprint on how things will be displayed, and I have clients telling me how easy it was to match it. All ordering is done at this time, and I urge you to have someone watch your children as you are making an important financial decision.

The last thing I’ll say is, I am not a run-and-gun photographer. I love helping my clients decide and handhold them through the process. If this is not for you, and you want someone who shows up, takes your photos and leave, please still contact me. Why? I still know great photographers and if you don’t want to work with me this time around, I at least want to make sure you don’t regret whomever you work with. This is too important.