What You Can Expect to Invest with Me

It's In Your Hands What You Choose to Display.

One of a couple of portraits we did for their baby girl, and welcomes their guests when they come upstairs. Included was the custom framing for the artwork.

How much? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Ok, not a million (though I will provide you an account to wire that too if you really, really want), but there is a reason why most photographers don’t post prices online. Our images, our talents, our services and offerings, our costs and overhead, our time we spend with you, and our experiences all vary from each other so it’s not so black and white where all products and prices are equal.

On top of that, what you want as a family or individual vary so greatly. One family wants a 30x40” framed fine art portrait over their sofa along with a 37 image album, while another wants a smaller collage of portraits. You could invest more because this is a special occasion with family in town and you don’t always get together, and you need those portraits on everyone’s walls. Your needs are unique, and while I use the same price list for all my clients, I want to chat with you first so I can give you the range that fits you. Call me at 973 307 0278. I’d love to know more.

Would it help if I said that the range of investment for my clients is probably between $1200 and $5200? Probably not, but everyone is so varied, and that’s what I love. The final amount is up to you, and the more you order, the more it is of course. My goal is for you to WANT every single image you can get! If you don’t want them, I’ve done something wrong and I will refund your session. Seriously. I really do guarantee you’ll be thrilled, or else I would give you your money back. I even guarantee the longevity of every portrait product or I exchange it free.

However, I will say that when you work with someone like me who dreams about their work, always thinks about how to make a true experience out of every session, scours the industry for classes and workshops I can take to better myself, you’ll find no one else will help you and your family absolutely LOVE their portraits.


I would be honored to work with you, and I will end with this: I was completely serious about my range above, but what you invest is up to you. Here's a summary:

Visit my artwork page for more information on the types I offer, but please call me at phone or send me an email to schedule a chat to find out what your range would be.