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Example of the Typical Forum Critique

The Art of the Critique: Restoring the Conversation

Forums are getting littered with no-context images followed by useless praises, rude drive-by comments, and the lack in understanding the difference between advice and imposing your own style. It’s time to restore the conversation and improve us all. Continue reading

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Originally posted: March 31, 2014

I Am New to DSLRs: What Should I Get?

So this question pops up each year around this time, and I typically address it by email, but I decided to put together a little guide to help my friends and other visitors. You probably won’t like my overall answer though: It’s not the camera, it’s the person using it. It’s no different than which oven will make the best dinner or which paintbrush makes the best paintings. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but if you plan to make a jump from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR, you need to know that it doesn’t just instantly transform you into a photographer. Here are a few things to to focus on, no pun intended, no matter which camera you end up with. My recommendations follow. Continue reading

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Originally posted: December 11, 2013


AST Photos is now Anthony S. Torres Photography

I’m proud to announce a major change to my business. Just a name change? Nope, I’ve revamped my business from the ground up, reworking my products from scratch, testing printers and papers from around the world in order to bring … Continue reading

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Originally posted: April 18, 2013

Shuttle Enterprise in Black and White

Fine Art Photos Available to Decorate Your Home

While for my custom work, I use my favorite special printers who deal only with photographers, many of you have asked when I would post more of my general work for you to invest in. Well, I’m finally getting a … Continue reading

Items on fire being tossed out the window

Hoboken Fire Photos, 300 Washington Street

I don’t usually go out looking for the latest news stories or get on a scene quickly, but I happened to live around the corner from this latest tragedy in Hoboken. My wife smelled a fire, even though I questioned … Continue reading

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Originally posted: February 20, 2012

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