My daughter and I

I know other photographers put their formal photos here, but I love the everyday, the candid. Of course, I get plenty of candid photos with my little girl!

About Anthony

I've always followed my passion for art, and when I worked within photography, I realized I could do something that could help so many people. Many other photographers will barely spend any time with your family and learn what makes you unique. Everyone is different, and photography should show who you and your family really are, not some cookie-cutter backdrop and the same smiles as everyone else. You can do that yourself, so why hire someone like me?

Because I help you create lifetime-guaranteed artwork for your home

I will sit with your family and discuss what is the meaningful locations to YOUR family, and not just force you into something. We discuss clothing options, location, discuss what walls would work best to display your portraits, and of course meet your children. If you've worked with a photographer, and they didn't meet with you and your family ahead of time, you weren't cared for properly. You may as well get Uncle Bob to take your photo. Taking the time to display your art properly and prepare for the session is most of the work and what makes your photos transform into art!

I've missed a chunk of my life in photos, you shouldn't have to!

I found even in my own family that photos ended up in boxes, never seen except for when you brought a new girlfriend over to embarrass yourself in front of your family. In fact, giant chunks of my early life aren't in photos at all. I believe that when all is said and done, your photos will be all you have to help those memories along. When you or your family walk into your home, you should be greeted with a great family memory of a fantastic session. This is what I am about and what I will do for your family.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I promise to bring my love and passion for photography to your images. I guarantee my sessions 100%.

If you are not a current client and would like details on how I can help you with your family portraits, engagement, or even corporate projects, visit my current portfolio or feel free to call me at 973.307.0278 to discuss what type of session you’re looking for, prices, and available times. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.